Weaving the Fabric of Our Lives with Astrology

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© Natalia Rashevskaya - Fotolia.com

© Natalia Rashevskaya – Fotolia.com

In Astrology, everything is based on the zodiacal chart which is in the shape of a circle.  The planets revolve around the sun in a predictable pattern depending on their orbiting speed.  This creates cycles of life and behavior patterns that an astrologer can identify and help a client understand.  Each planet in the chart is in some sort of relationship to all other planets on the chart because of this geometric circle.  We call these geometric relationships between the planets, the aspects of your chart. For example, the square, the trine, the opposition, etc.  The degrees of these angles tell astrologers about what type of relationship there is between the two planets.  If your Sun is in opposition to your Moon, these planets are 180 degrees apart and are said to be in “opposition”.  From this relationship, we can say that your mother (the moon) and your father (the sun) probably were opposed a lot or argued often.  Or we could say that your emotions (the moon) are often in opposition to your purpose (the Sun), and so on.  The angles, or aspects between planets, give the astrologer enormous information about the client and his/her relationships to others.

If we assign houses and planets to the people in our lives, we begin to see the interconnectedness of each person and each area of our life because of this circular shape of our birth charts.  If you understand that all things in nature and life are numerically based and there are distinct geometric patterns to the universe, you start to understand how astrology works.  These patterns are amazingly accurate and present in our lives.  Astrology is the window we have to view such patterns and relationships between the different areas of our lives.

In astrological compatibility readings, two birth charts can be put together, one surrounding the other and the patterns (or relationships) between planets in each person’s chart can tell us the strengths, support, and challenges the couple is likely to experience.  A successful relationship is a mixture of both harmonious aspects and challenging ones.  Without challenges, there would be no growth or excitement in the relationship.  Without enough harmonious aspects, the relationship is not likely to last long or will be problematic.  Compatibility charts can be done not only for two people, but for a person and a company or anything else you can create a chart for in astrology.  Understanding these connections in our lives helps us to navigate and enhance our relationships.

This is how astrology is very useful in understanding how we are connecting, or not, to others and what to do about it.  If our lives are a tapestry, the planetary aspects are the threads, your free will and choices become the weave, and astrology is the template that is helpful in shaping the fabric of your life into something beautiful, for yourself and for others.



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