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There is No Void or Lack

September 2021

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Most people fear and avoid thinking of the darkness of the Void. We are taught the Void is evil, empty, and the bottomless pit where we will lose our identify and form. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Void of darkness, emptiness, and space is the silence and stillness of the Divine Feminine. In the Western World of patriarchy, we have been enmeshed in the masculine concepts of the Divine of light, creativity, activity, and dominion. The Feminine Nature of the Divine has been lost or actively denied for thousands of years except by indigenous peoples. Since the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 and the beginning of the new Cosmic Cycle, the Sacred Feminine is emerging.

The Divine or Sacred Feminine is the Void, the darkness of the beginning of the Universe before the creation of the ‘Word’ mentioned in the Bible, before sound, light, action. It is the Womb of Life that holds all potential, all possibilities in its unlimited formlessness. She is all abundance, prosperity, life, compassion without judgment, or limits.

We seek the Divine Feminine darkness of the Void during meditation when we search for stillness and silence. There we find our inner Truth, without the influence of the world, others, opinions, the past, the future, or our desires. In the womb of the stillness, we find our soul’s essence, peace, and love. This is the center of the Universe.

We return to reality refreshed and renewed.

The Void of the Sacred Feminine holds all life and form. From Her flows all abundance and prosperity. She is the Divine Mother that answers all our prayers, including the ones that desire ‘lack’ that we may learn from the experience of poverty, need, or work. Once we learn lack is not needed, then She willingly pours abundance in all its forms into our lives.

I lived with lack growing up on the edge of poverty with barely enough food at times, holes in my shoes, wearing hand-me-downs, and fearful of the world. Later, I learned my own fear of poverty, the need to ‘work hard,’ to hold onto money, were the very things holding back my prosperity. Once I let go and began to trust in Divine goodwill, and surrendered to letting the Divine provide for me, I never lacked again.

Generally, the first obstacle in reaching the Void of stillness in meditation is the monkey mind of endless chatter. We are used to the constant noise of music, media, talking, texting, emails, and other distractions that letting go of words and actions is difficult. Rituals like staring in candle flames, reciting mantras, smelling incense, and playing soothing music help to calm and center our chaotic thoughts into reaching the silence of the darkness. Begin with short periods of stillness, bringing your mind back when it wanders, and focusing on the breath, helps to learn meditation.

Many meditation practices are available on the internet and YouTube.

The second barrier some encounter when initially seeking the Void is facing their own doubts and fears. If you have grown up with tales of evil and demons arising from the dark, these fears may arise when you begin to meditate or seek stillness and silence. They are usually your inner fears and ‘shadow’ side, arising to be acknowledged and faced. If you are afraid of yourself, your guilt, your anger, your inner violence, or your past wrongdoings, these emotions or actions may arise for you to examine and confront. Do not run away from this shadow side, but lovingly acknowledge that you have made mistakes, hurt yourself or others, then hold forgiveness and compassion; these shadows will vanish. The Void welcomes you with love in all your aspects for you are part of the Divine manifestation of life.

The Divine Feminine of the Void is a loving, compassionate, abundant womb of darkness welcoming all her children home to renew our souls. When we open to Her gifts willingly, abundance, prosperity, peace, love, and joy flow into our lives.

We are all children of the Universe.





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