What Went Right This Year?

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Did you experience a Detour this year or a clear path to new Possibility? Are you taping into the Divine Clues and saying, Yes That Went Right This Year!


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fotolia © nacroba

Well hello December! How did you get here so quickly? I could swear it was only July the last time I checked in. Where did the year go? I didn’t complete my resolutions or achieve the goals I set at the beginning of the year. And to be honest, some major life “whomps” took me way off course! Oh you feel like that too?   Don’t berate yourself for ‘what didn’t get done’. It’s my belief that there are divine clues and soul lessons inside those unfinished projects, tough losses, and perhaps difficult situations you encountered that were actually the ‘right’ things that are helping you to get back on course.

You don’t see it that way? I can absolutely empathize if experiencing a health setback or losing your house wasn’t exactly ‘the gift’ you were hoping for this holiday season. But please allow me to share a story that has helped me to shift my own perspective.

Recently I was talking with a close friend who had experienced a devastating breakup with the person she hoped to marry. The ‘love of her life’ moved out of their home abruptly after three years together and while she sunk into deep despair for an entire year – he moved on quickly and eventually become engaged to someone else. Her heart (and the dreams she had for their life together) shattered.

For months, she could barely eat or focus on anything else, she cried herself to sleep most nights, and tormented herself with ‘what ifs’. And she absolutely could not see, at first, how losing the person she believed to be her soul mate was ‘the right thing’. But as she slowly allowed herself to grieve and began to start filling up the time and space he left behind…. she started to do things she had not been motivated to do previously. She remodeled her home, reached out to old friends, and eventually took steps to plan a trip overseas. And while her heart still missed ‘what was’ – she began to accept “what is’.

And in her words to me last week, not only had she ‘gotten through that horrible year’ – she realized that if it hadn’t happened – she would not have gotten clear about the kind of committed partner she really wanted or finally realized she needed to trust her intuition, which had actually given her red flags about the relationship early on. She also would have never had the courage to travel overseas by herself (and follow her passion for seeing the world), and she wouldn’t have learned how to be okay with being alone so that she could attract the right partner when she was ready. And even though she had deeply loved this person and losing him was devastating at the time – it was actually the right thing that happened.

Are you willing to believe that everything that happened this year (and your life so far if I may be so bold), including the things that made you feel great and on purpose and the things that made you feel defeated and fearful were all actually situations that will help you live more of the life you desire?

Still need help with sorting that out? Then I’d like to invite you to write down the following questions as you reflect over the last 12 months:

What blessings did you experience?December 2015

How did you feel loved and cared for?

What fears did you encounter?

What losses or unexpected hardships did you experience?

What are you most proud of?

What are you most disappointed or hurt about?

Then on a separate piece of paper – ask yourself “If I believed God/the Universe was actually trying to help me and get my attention through these experiences – how might I answer the following questions?”   

Is there a toxic relationship, habit, or thought you need to release?

Is there anyone (including yourself) that you need to forgive?

Are there ways you feel inspired to better care for yourself?

Are there any messages or lessons you’ve been resisting? 

Do you believe that God is bigger than any problem and the universe wants to help you?

What experiences do you want to create next?

It may also help to imagine your ‘future self’ – the you who is living the life you want to live – asking these questions. This may shift your awareness to see how those hurts or hardships are helping you create a better life as you connect to divine guidance and loving support.    

As you look for the wisdom and the gifts in every experience this year – it is my prayer that you’ll come to a place of contentment that ALL is in divine order and everything, including you, is ‘right’ on time.

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