January 2018-What Do You Choose for A New Year?

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Welcome To A New Year of Conscious Choice.

For 2018 let’s ask questions that help us get crystal clear about what we choose for ourselves and our world.

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That’s how I’m starting my new year. I’m asking better questions and getting as clear as I can about the details of those questions and choices.

Seriously I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I know we have “Consciously Shifted” this idea of change in previous issues but what does it take to really make change happen in your life? How do we get to live in the change we seek?

As I ask this question the thing that keeps popping into my head is choice.  If I want to live healthy, joyful and abundantly, I have to choose healthy, joyful and abundance.

I have to choose it because the only thing that has the ability to deliver or block the things I choose is me.  If I want to have a different experience I have to choose my experience differently.  I have to choose to stop, as a friend of mine calls it, locking and blocking. I have to honor me enough to let in the things I seek.  I have to know and understand than I am worthy of, and deserve all the things I choose.

The key to change, and this is the golden nugget in this whole article. The key to real change is found in the choice to love yourself.  And at this point most of you will ignore the rest of this article, as your eyes glaze over.

I say this because for the past 40 years I did. I ignored the key or “the rest” of this article because I thought self-love was crap. Just a crazy big waste of time.

Believing self-love is crap, was the first lie I bought in life, and the most important lie I have chosen to let go of.

When you choose to love yourself, you tell the world that you stand up for you.  You show the world that you are enough and that you do not need the approval of others. When you love yourself, you tell the world without saying a word, that no one or thing will own you.

The choice to love me has been the hardest and most rewarding choice I have ever made. It has allowed me to find the joy, feel healthy, and live abundantly pretty much every day. So, for 2018 I choose to continue my journey of learning how to love myself.

Best wishes for a new year filled with living joyfully abundant in the change you seek.


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Peace & Joy
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