What Are You Focused On?

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    Follow Your Intuition

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We are powerful beings and mental creators; when we believe in ourselves.  When we understand we are the cause in our lives, we can create the life of our dreams, a life with meaning.  We spend most of our time doing things we think we should do to become someone we think we’re expected to be.   We react to our perception of the past or fear of the future and don’t pay attention to what’s happening in the present.  We allow people and situations around us to direct our lives instead of making choices based on our beliefs and desires.  When we step back to see the big picture and decide what we truly want, we will achieve our desires.   It takes concentration.   It takes dedication.   It takes honesty.

I’ve been getting clear about what I really want instead of thinking about what I don’t want – I don’t need to attract more of that!  It’s a process that’s uncovered limitations in my thinking.   With greater awareness, I can identify those limitations to understand why I sometimes self-sabotage or hold myself back.  That understanding allows me to take steps to make changes in my thinking and in my actions.  It’s important to have a teacher, someone who will guide you and be truthful with you.  And you need a plan, a road map to keep you on course.

It begins with an Ideal.  What’s the highest thought you can hold about yourself?   Who do you want to become in this lifetime?  What were your dreams and aspirations when you were a young child?  They probably haven’t changed much.  When you get clear about that, make it your North Star –  your focal point.  By placing your attention on your ideal, you control the distractions in your life.  You’re choosing where you want to place your attention – who you want to surround yourself with and what you want to do each day.  Think beyond the occasional life drama and choose productive thoughts and actions focused on something higher than yourself.

The next step is setting Goals.  What measurable short-term and long-term steps are you going to take to achieve that Ideal?  Specifically, what do you want to accomplish and when?  It’s grounding.  It gets you out of your head.  We all have dreams, but not many of us take the steps necessary to achieve them.  Remember, it’s rarely, if ever, a straight line to what we want, so remain open to making course corrections as needed.  Expect to grow and change from those people and situations who come into our lives to help us learn.

Purpose is critical.  Why do you want to do this?  What qualities do you need to build in yourself to achieve your goals and to become your ideal?  Do you want to learn to communicate more clearly?  Or simply speak up?  Do you want to understand leadership?  What about commitment and responsibility?  Maybe you don’t follow through once you set something in motion.  Don’t forget to have fun along the way!  You can also use purpose when setting goals.  Purpose fuels your desire.  Being reminded of why you are doing something is motivating and keeps you on track.

Then, make a daily or weekly list of the Activities to support your goals.  These action steps will move you in the direction you want to go.  Achievement or success is a result of having an ideal, setting goals, understanding your purpose, and taking action through activity.

Now you are ready to Visualize.   Images are more powerful than words.  When you can see what you want, you can become it.  Most athletes have discovered this truth.  There was an Australian study with three groups of basketball players.  One group practiced shooting free throws for 20 minutes each day; one group visualized making baskets for 20 minutes each day; and one group didn’t do anything.  There was significant improvement with the group that only visualized – they were almost as good as those who practiced!  The key is to use your five senses as much as possible.  Don’t just see it – feel it, hear it, taste it, or smell it to increase the power.  If you want a new car, for example, take a test drive.  Sit in the leather seats, smell that new car smell, turn on the radio, and open the windows or put the top down to feel the air in your hair.  When you visualize, you can recall the experience and be completely engrossed in what you want to speed up manifestation.

It is possible to have what we desire.  The above steps will provide clarity and motivation.  Constant attention on what you want to create will move you in the direction you’ve chosen to go and keep you there.  It’s time to create the life of your dreams!!

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