What If Life is Happening For You?

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fotolia @ adam 121

fotolia @ adam 121

What if you could really change the way things are in your life? What would that look like to you? Go ahead, dream big for a moment. Would you be completely debt-free? Would you be creating wealth as a self-employed person? Would you be in a loving relationship or feeling great at your ideal body weight?

I invite you to take a few moments to write out a dream vision statement to describe what you would love to see happen in your life in exactly 12 months from today.

Before you begin, consider up to three areas (or more) in your life where you would really love to see positive changes. These can be in your health, your finances, your career, your relationships, etc. Maybe you want to manifest a committed mate to share your life with, or you want to get out of debt and create more financial stability.

“What’s that you just said?! Yeah right! I would love to see things change but I couldn’t possibly achieve THAT goal in the next year. I’ve tried a hundred times before to lose the weight and I always fail. Have you seen my checking account balance? There’s no way I could be self-employed…. I can hardly make ends meet now! I’ve given up on relationships – I’ve had my heart broken too many times!”

fotolia @ Minerva Studio

fotolia @ Minerva Studio

Stop before you drown in the doubt! Your ‘mental equivalent’ is the next clue about how to shift from ‘what is’ to ‘what you would really love’. Your mental equivalent relates to how wide the gap of ‘believability’ is between how things are in your life and how you want them to be. Let’s say you would really love to be out of debt and have more financial peace. But each time you think about it, you feel depressed and discouraged and do not feel it is even a possibility for you. Here is your opportunity to shift. In order to create real change in your life, you must be clear about what you want, you need to be honest about what you are expecting, and you must begin to take practical action towards your dreams.

As you are writing out your dream vision, ‘try on’ and imagine each change you wish to see happen in your life. This will tell you where you are with your mental equivalent about what you think is possible for you. What would it look and feel like if you were completely out of debt? Would you feel relief and excited about your future? Keep working on this vision (and/or make a vision board) until you can ‘believe it’ for at least a few minutes a day.

If you believe in the ‘law of attraction’, but you are not seeing the changes you want to have in your life, it is possible your subconscious thoughts and feelings about what you want (anxiety, defeat, despair perhaps?) are counter-intending the very desires you wish to bring to fruition?

Albert Einstein said ‘The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.’ So perhaps the question for you right now is ‘What if you believed that life was FOR you and not AGAINST you? Examine your ‘expectations’ (try filling in the blanks in the statement below): I would really love to see________________change in my life but I don’t believe it will happen because __________________________________________________.

fotolia © Krasimira Nevenova

fotolia © Krasimira Nevenova

As Dr. Wayne Dyer said …. ‘You have to ‘believe it’ before you ‘see it’ and not the other way around! Get busy immersing yourself in as much ‘manifesting goodness’ as you can. Pray for help. Read inspirational books such as E-Squared by Pam Grout, The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and watch movies like The Secret, What The Bleep, and The Shift.

Then create an action plan and ‘start doing’! I love Gary Keller’s book The One Thing for getting clarity about what’s important and how to create do-able action plans. And it’s my experience that your intention, your mental equivalent about what you’re expecting, plus your actions is what invites the universe to move on your behalf. If you want to get out debt, then acknowledge how you got into it and begin taking practical steps to learn everything you can about money management. Just start by asking yourself….If I believed getting out of debt was possible for me – what step can I take right now to show the universe I am serious about this? Pick one and declare your intention that not only are you going to get out of debt, but you are taking steps to be a knowledgeable steward of your money right now.

Before you know it – your ‘What If’s’ will become ‘What’s Next’!


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