What if… Motivating or Waste of Time?

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fotolia © JJAVA

Let’s discuss the question, ’What if’ shall we? Is the question, ‘What if’ a waste of time? Is it motivating?

I asked my friends what they thought regarding contemplating ‘what if’. In a nutshell, the consensus was asking themselves ‘what if’ was a waste of time. And, I agree mostly… Considering ‘what if’ in relation to the past may create feelings of regret and shame. And in my case, regret does nothing to motivate me. In fact, regret and shame slow me down to a defeatist speed.

Here’s an example: “What if I had built a multi-level marketing business when I retired from modeling? What if I had become an esthetician and opened medical spas? What if those businesses were self-sustaining and generating a large income now?” (a counselor salary is, well… not substantial) These thoughts lead me to throw up my hands in defeat. “Too late now, or the time has passed”, are mantras that are generated from that line of thinking.

Yes, ‘what if’ can be a colossal waste of time. BUT, consider using them like this? “What if I started a multi-level marketing business now? What if I had a lucrative business when I’m fifty?” Being 50 years old is NOT hypothetical (unless I croak), but having a thriving business is hypothetical. I like the idea of that! I believe I would feel proud of myself and safe and secure financially.

To employ ‘what if’ or not to employ ‘what if,’ that is the question. And the answer is…. If it  motivates you – ask it. If it inspires regret – ditch it.  Any Questions?

Love to you and yours! Susan

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