What If You Tamed Your Inner Critic?

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fotolia © agsandrew

fotolia © agsandrew

Most of us have an inner critic, that voice inside our heads constantly reminding us of how ill-equipped we are to deal with life’s hassles, big and small. We know that this voice is not truly who we are, yet we can’t get beyond it.  We try talking ourselves out of it, logically telling ourselves that we aren’t as stupid or as dumb as this voice says we are. We force ourselves to think a new thought, wishing and hoping that never-ending happy thoughts will take its’ place. We even try to change the fundamental nature of who we are. We reason that if we meld in, stop stating our opinions or just totally remove ourselves from outside conversations, we won’t slip into feelings of unease and self- doubt.  But that doesn’t work either – that inner critic is still with us, no matter what we do.

All of this effort falls flat because we are using the wrong set of tools to tackle the problem. Thoughts and feelings of other people (the building blocks of the inner critic) are energies and to move energy you have to use energy tools. One of the most useful tools and one that I use in my personal life every single day is called a grounding cord.

What’s A Grounding Cord?

We often store our unworthiness as tension in our body. A grounding cord is an invisible tube of energy that connects your body to the center of the earth. It acts like a vacuum cleaner, helping you efficiently release all those thoughts and feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. A grounding cord can be visualized as a beam of light, a hollow tree trunk or even a stretch of silken rope.  Through the force of gravity, your grounding cord will carry energy out of your body depositing it deep within the earth’s core.

From an energetic perspective, when you are grounded you’re not spacey or “out there”, you are “grounded in reality”.  It’s very much like an electrical wiring ground in your house. The line is clearer when it’s grounded.


Exercise: Sending Your Mind Chatter to Mother Earth

  1. Close your eyes, keep your feet flat on the floor as you begin to quiet your mind. Take a couple of deep breaths and imagine a wide, hollow tube of energy out in front of your closed eyes. This is your grounding cord. Now imagine attaching this cord of energy to your hips. Feel the weight of it around your body as it draws you deeper into your chair.
  2. Imagine this thick, wide heavy cord falling through the floor and continuing down to the center of the planet. Imagine this cord of energy reaching the earth’s center, anchoring in place.

    fotolia © agsandrew

    fotolia © agsandrew

  3. We often store our self-doubt and unworthiness as tension in our body. Bring your awareness to a place in your body where you feel some tightness, perhaps your shoulders or your feet. Now visualize the tension releasing. As it does so, imagine this energetic tension dropping out of your body and falling down the grounding cord. Feel all that self-doubt and invalidation returning to the earth.
  4. Slowly open your eyes. Some people immediately feel a little bit more relaxed and centered. Your grounding cord is still attached to your body whether you “feel” it or not and will stay in place the entire day.  Anytime you begin to feel your inner critic taking center stage, imagine this grounding cord suctioning away those toxic thoughts and feelings.

As you learn to listen to your inner wisdom, you will become less concerned with the “shoulds” of the world. What your relatives think and the hurts from childhood will take a back seat to your internal wisdom. You will learn to get in touch with your inner guidance system, and understand the difference between your thoughts and feelings and those of the people surrounding you. You will have discovered your true north—your life’s purpose and ways to share this gift with the world.

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