What is Essential Feng Shui?

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July 2015 WSOFSWhen asked to define Feng Shui, I often begin by saying that it is “the study of how to arrange your environment to enhance the quality of your life.” But the most accurate definition of Feng Shui isn’t in a line. It’s in a circle that is constantly turning, each rotation building upon the one before it to achieve perfect harmony. So the definition of Feng Shui might look like this.

Feng Shui, translated as “Wind and Water,” observes the relationship between the seen and unseen forces of nature. Like wind and water, you and your environment are two forces of nature. Your desires, goals, talents, attitudes, and feelings—like the unseen force of wind; and the home environment you live in—like the seen force of water; are constantly interacting and influencing each other. And as with wind and water, when you and your home blend harmoniously, the effect is friendly, comfortable, and positive. Life is replete with fair weather conditions such as abundant resources, good relations, and a steady stream of opportunities. In such harmonious circumstances, your health, prosperity, and happiness thrive.

On the other hand, when you and your home clash in some way, extreme conditions prevail. Your life’s weather pattern may include a “stagnant” job, a “stormy” marriage, a “drought” of resources, or a “flood” of health problems. The primary goal of Feng Shui is to bring you and your home into harmony, so that you are not just surviving one storm after another, but are thriving in a paradise of your own design.

Over the past decade, joining forces with my home has transformed my life. When the wind of my clear intention sweeps across the water of my environment, change happens. Feng Shui can show you how to join forces with your home so that all heaven can break loose in your life. To do so means creating an intimate union between you and your home. It’s a marriage waiting to happen.

As Within, So Without—a New Way of Seeing

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I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, living in all kinds of homes—from huge mansions to suburban tract houses and small apartments. With few exceptions, they call me because they’re unhappy—there is something about their lives that isn’t working. They may be getting divorced, have chronic health problems, or hate their jobs. They may be tormented by the past, confused by the present, or scared of the future. Whatever the challenge, I introduce them to a new way of seeing and addressing their woes. Until their Feng Shui appointment, most of my clients thought their emotional and spiritual life was completely separate from their home environment. The Feng Shui premise that happiness and environment are two forces of nature “who” are intimately connected is a brand new idea. The realization that their homes can literally strengthen or weaken their health, wealth, and happiness brings with it a significant shift in perception.

When these individuals open their Feng Shui eyes, they can no longer view their homes as just “things” or their belongings as just inanimate “stuff.” Their homes, and all the possessions within them,suddenly come alive and are intimately connected to their quality of life. They see that their difficulties are not separate from, but actually held in place by, their homes. Thus, the vital connection between the people and the “beings” they call home begins. As they embrace their connection with their homes, feelings of isolation and disconnection transform into personal power and creativity. The “wind” of their intentions becomes purposeful as it’s directed across the “water” of their homes. This brings the seen and the unseen forces into harmony, and as a result, life changes for the better.

As a holistic art and science, Feng Shui is meant to balance and harmonize your inner and outer domains. In our culture, as Feng Shui has become more popular, so has the tendency to make it strictly an outer “quick fix” practice. I see all kinds of Feng Shui embellishments popping up in people’s homes that are supposed to create instant cash, jobs, or love. People stand back, arms crossed over their chests, feet tapping, impatiently waiting for Santa Feng Shui  to magically appear. They don’t realize that they breathe “the magic” into the changes they want in life. Their embellishments remain like a still pool, until touched by the vital breath of intention and focus. Only then, when their purpose and clarity join forces with their enhancements, will positive and lasting changes occur.


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