July 2016-Being Free

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July 2016


How Do You Define Freedom?

Hello and welcome to the July edition of Conscious Shift Magazine. This month new ideas are taking root in a conversation about Freedom.

fotolia © Sergey Nivens

fotolia © Sergey Nivens

Freedom is more than just a word or an idea we celebrate once a year, and its more than governments and laws. Freedom, real freedom, is about how we view ourselves, the way we think, how we treat others and how we participate in the world around us.

In talking about freedom I can’t help but to think about the elephant, and not the political one.  Baby elephants born into captivity live the majority of their young lives with one leg tied to a post. The baby elephant lives like this accepting the limitation of being tied to a post as part of their life.

Eventually that baby elephant becomes an adult and never realizes it has the strength to break free.  The rope that was once stronger than the baby is now a mere thread that could easily be snap with in an instant.

The only thing stopping the full grown elephant from breaking free is the perception that they cannot. From a young age the elephant is controlled instead of having the freedom to choose and learn on it’s own.

It’s not just elephants either, as people we get caught up in life and freely hand over our freedom without even thinking about it. We give it to fear, mind chatter, the opinion of others, mindless behaviors and more.   We become so programmed over time that we forget the rope is merely a thin thread. We forget that we are free.

So my challenge to you in this month of freedom and independence is to review your version of freedom.

Stop and ask yourself how free do I feel? If you feel free than please carry on. If you don’t than do something about it. Break free from the thread that holds you back and step into the possibility of what Being Free means to you.


In closing no edition about freedom would be complete with out some words of advice from George Michael…



July 2016Here is a great example of freedom expressed.

My Conscious Assistant Neo exercising his freedom

to nap where ever he pleases. Today he choose right

in front of the TV




Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.article ender


Peace & Joy

Tracey R Kern


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