What is Sickness?

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The Placebo Effect

April 2020

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The Coronavirus has shaken the world. First and foremost, have you noticed that you stopped worrying about personal things and are now focused on this disease?  Your time is now spent on Googling the virus instead of stalking your ex, panicking over finances, or picking fights with your family and friends.  Nice to concentrate on something that more than likely will not happen to you.  But then again, all the stuff you worry about on a daily basis never happens either.

We are focused on negative things from either the past or something that is going to happen to us in the future.  So, I am giving you the advice to stay positive in life and think of only the present.  Even if you can only do it for today.  Please think of the now and we will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

I also wanted to remind you that poor health, colds, sickness, injury and disease are all part of a fraudulent thought system. We are all part of God and one in the same with our minds merged together. Sickness is shutting off of joined minds and to accept yourself as a body.  You are separate because you suffer what others don’t feel. You are not a body, you are spirit.

So if you’re sick, you’re hiding the truth from yourself, from others and God.

Sickness is an illusion and a way to punish and ostracize yourself.  Faced with the truth of what God truly is you get scared and want to crucify yourself.  You make a defense against the world and therefore get sick.  The purpose of sickness is to hide reality; to hide the truth and keep you away from being whole.  This is all unconscious, as you did not ask for this ailment.  But you have judged this as real, so it is and seems so true to you.

You are not a body, you are free.  You are a part of God and there can be no lack in him so there can be no sickness in you.   Sickness means a part of God can suffer.  You are already residing in your natural state with God and nothing you see here today is real.

I am not a body I am free. I am just as God made me.

I hope you now understand a little more about how sickness works, but how can you shut off the Coronavirus when you are seeing it everywhere and you family and friends are constantly talking about it?  The best thing to do for you and for them is just to not buy into it.  Just remind yourself you are not a body and are one with God.  Still take precautions and wash your hands regularly and if you think you have developed symptoms check in with your doctor.  We are still a work in progress and learning and growing so we have to go through necessary protections to steer clear of infection.






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