What is Success?

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What is Possible?

January 2021 what is success

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When you define a successful person, you think of money, power, or career based goals.  But how is true success outlined?  The material things and supremacy will fade over time.  You do not know if someone is really successful because you are not in his mind.  You do not know if the person has a deep sense of peace.  If he can let it all go and  truly deeply relax.  Is he fearful, angry, depressed?  Does he let his thoughts attack him constantly and beat himself up over and over again?

Some of the richest people are miserable. They are internally distraught. Bad things are happening that are causing them discomfort.  This is happening to everyone no matter what state of life he is in.

What can you do?  

You can see peace instead of this for everyone.  When that person at work is giving you a hard time you can stop and realize you can see peace instead of this.  When you go home and are lonely and depressed you think this is only in my head and I can have peace instead of this.  When someone beats you up over and over again with his words,  you can have peace and realize this is the other person’s problem he is the one with the issues and you can have peace for him.

You cannot measure a person’s success by age or riches but only where he is at with his consciousness.  How internally developed he is with his thought process?  If he is a person who needs help with his development what can you do?  You can give him over to God and be an example for him to heal.  By not buying into his insanity you can heal and so can he.

With this said you don’t need to go around and make amends of things that have passed.  You do not need to dive into old problems and issues from twenty years ago.  This isn’t psychology this is about moving forward and changing your outlook on life.  If it helps you on your path to liberation to open closed doors and clear the air then do it.

But be careful of opening up old wounds and attacking the past all over again.  The best thing to do going forward is to focus on the freedom your soul has, forgive the illusions that have past you by and move on with a clear heart and mind.  Just be a quiet example of right thinking.  When you display right correction to others through your outlook, a silent door opens for them to heal.  Remember these unloving thoughts you have are not permanent about a situation in the past.

Any unloving thoughts that comes up in the future are not everlasting either.

So, move forward. 





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