What Is the Path of Least Resistance?

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 “I’d like to talk to you about making difficult choices. As the energy on earth speeds up, you will have more opportunities than ever before to choose between one path and another. You can’t make a wrong choice, because each path leads to an experience and you came to planet earth for the purpose of experiencing.   But if you want to have the best experience you can have while you are here, consider first the path you take without resistance. It is always resistance that causes your pain.  Leave resistance behind and start celebrating your life, moving forward full-out in the best direction. From “Go to ELF, Connecting with the Eternal Life Force”

Could it be that the path which seems to be the least resistant turns out to be the hard way in the long run?  Here’s the hidden secret behind choosing the path without resistance – as opposed to the path of least resistance. It is always the path that will produce the best end result.

For example, to someone who hasn’t really thought it through, an easy way out of a cash crunch might be robbing a bank or shop-lifting or purse-snatching or holding down three jobs to make ends meet.  But none of those paths are without serious obstacles and so they are definitely not paths of least resistance.  Three of them will put you in jail and the third one will make you feel like you are already in jail.

And, even though eating every day at a fast-food restaurant or living only on ice cream with chocolate sauce might seem a “convenient” path of least resistance, those choices don’t represent the path of least resistance if you’re also seeking a healthy lifestyle.

In this Holiday season, when the entire world is geared to celebration, the myriad of choices you have to make can really weigh on you.  In the middle of the confusion, it’s tempting to take the easy way out – the path of least resistance – whenever you can, but the easy way doesn’t often feel very celebratory.  Instead, it feels like a shallow solution and leaves you feeling at best, yucky because it literally generates its own resistance.

For example:

1)   You need to choose a gift for a gift exchange for someone you see every day at work.

Should you:

a)   Grab the first thing you see for the right price at the drug store or the grocery store and be done with it?

b)   Stop and think about what that person likes and take a little extra time to find a gift he or she will enjoy all year?

Which one feels like you’re in tune with the spirit of Christmas?


2)   You accept an invitation to have a holiday lunch with one friend, and then you receive another invitation from someone to do something you like better in the same time slot.

Should you:

a)   Abandon the first friend and go with the second?

b)   Just forfeit your opportunity to be with the person you like best because you had made a prior commitment to someone else?

c)   Shift your original commitment only if you can find a way to spend time over the holiday with both friends in a way that pleases both you and them?

Which one will make you feel the best about yourself?


3)   Your son wants an iPad for Christmas.

Should you:

a)   Just go to the nearest store that sells electronic gadgets and buy him one, no matter if it stretches your budget and you will be financially squeezed next month?

b)   Give him a check or a gift card for what you can afford and bless him in his effort to achieve his goal?

c)   Engage the help of a techy-type friend who can really help you shop for the best product at the best price?

Which one will make both you and your son the happiest?


4)    You see a panhandler on the street and you are faced with the choice of giving him some money, or not.

Should you:

a)    Keep your money because there is a possibility that if you give it to the scruffy looking man, he will use it for some unworthy purpose?

b)    Give because you can and it feels good to be able to share your good with someone who comes across your path?

Which one makes you smile?

Every day you are faced with these same kinds of challenges, and the most important factor is making sure you make the choices you can feel best about forever.  Then celebrating yourself and who you have become will be both fun, easy and constant.

This poignant video starring Will Smith is all about making tough choices.  It is thought provoking, and clearly illustrates the difference between choosing the path of least resistance (the easy path) and the path without resistance (the right path) as these characters decide to fully embrace their own life experiences.

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