What Is Unlimited?

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The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.

~ Marianne Williamson


What if there is no limit? What if you and all your experiences are unlimited? And what if the only limitations come from your thoughts or perception of a given thing? In other words, what if the lack you are experiencing is and always was all about you and no one or nothing else?

I am of the belief that we create our world through our thoughts. I know this can be a hard concept to accept. Many of us believe that things happen to us. If we have bad luck or if terrible things happen we are being punished. Maybe it’s the gods, maybe it’s a past life karma playing out, or even better, it’s genetics and family. So, if something bad happens to us it’s outside of us. We see ourselves as a victim of our environmental effects and continue on with this belief, in most cases, for the rest of our life.

If we have good fortune and achieve much in life we must have been blessed by a higher authority. Our life has been touched by angels and we have a golden egg-laying goose that follows us wherever we go. Our environment shows this to be true so we continue on with this belief, in most cases, for the rest of our life.

Either way you look at the above examples you had nothing to do with the state of your life. You have either a silk purse or a sow’s ear and you live out your life accordingly experiencing only the version of what has been handed to you. Or so you think.

Our first thought is that the person with a golden goose must have a good life. They have all that they need, and things just come easy to them. In fact, most of us reading this would tend to want the golden goose given to us. For those of us who have never had a golden goose we want that. We want the easy way because all we understand or have experienced is the opposite. We never stop to think about what pressure comes with that golden goose.

Now if you’re the person with the golden goose you may be thinking right about now that having it all given to you is not all it’s cracked up to be. You know and have experienced the amount of expectations and “shoulds” that come with that unearned privilege. And make no mistake, there is a huge amount of pressure that comes with that golden goose.

When I was in high school I dated a very wealthy guy. In fact, his father owned the largest law firm in the state I lived in. His family was a cornerstone of the city and they had money. In fact, they probably had about five golden geese.

Money everywhere and money given freely and frequently. It occurred to me from the outside looking in that the money was unlimited. However, this came at a great cost personally. All that money and prestige and no real love ever. Everyone in that family was working it at all times. There was always an angle.

Now let’s talk about the goose-less… Excerpt from Conversations With Crows.


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