What is Your Definition of Spirituality?

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© andreykr – Fotolia

How can you define something that is so unique to each and every one of us? Our spirit is individually moved by inner and outer tangible sources that connect us to the Universal life force movement. Anything that touches our layers of existence with the feeling of passion and love can perhaps be defined as living with spirit. When we live within our own spirit, then we truly feel at home and at peace.

Have you ever watched someone engaging in an activity that leaves you feeling fantastic, energized, and happy and at peace? Musicians may be a great example of living with spirit. Their creative juices are amplified while their bodies either sway or jam to the beats of their creation. If you have ever attended a concert, then you know the feeling of how the music makes you feel. Even though the music is coming from an outside source, it is moving your spirit from the inside out. You are connecting to the universal source of abundant and radiant energy. It leaves you with the sense of time standing still. Nothing else matters but the music and the feeling itself. You are focused and in the moment.

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© SolisImages – Fotolia

How about meditation? If someone meditates on a daily basis, then does this mean that they are spiritual? Meditation is a word that has an incredibly wide definition. I would define meditation as a modality that helps quiet the mind from the past or future. There is no monkey business going on. Visualize yourself sitting around a campfire gazing into the fire. There is no space, just you and an empty mind. That is an experience that is personal beyond words. There is the feeling of being at one with the power of the fire. There is a sound that erupts from my spirit as I write these words, aaah! I would define this as a meditation moment!

Believing in spirit and living life with spirit are intrinsically tied. I don’t feel that you can have one without the other. There has to be a component of belief in yourself to live within your own focused spirit system. If you were to believe in yourself as if nothing else matters, what would you do? If you were to live every day as if it were a lifetime, what inspiring acts would you fill your time with? What if you opened your mind, body and spirit to the endless possibilities of abundance?

I am reminded of spirit every time I walk in nature. The winds of change are everywhere. I watch my dog run through the forest with focused intent. I pick up a stick and she freezes. There is nothing else that matters to her other than that moment in time. I often make up stories in my head as to what she is saying to herself and it makes me laugh. I am in the zone of meditative happiness and spiritual connection. I am allowing the movement of spirit to fill every element of space in my reality.

Spirituality is a personal experience.

How do you feel when you allow happiness to flow abundantly in your life? What does it sound like? What does it feel like? Every time you allow spirit to flow through you, the Universe always sends more your way. It will always thank you for giving back what it gave to you in the first place. The universal spirit is reciprocal and always moving. If you were to choose your movement, how would it flow through you? Would you dance, write, sing, garden, play sports or open your own business?

Spirituality is a personal experience that is defined by our own personal interpretation on life. Moving through moments with conscious awareness, purpose and enthusiasm may help connect with our own definition.  What juices you? What moves your spirit? What makes you want more out of life? Asking ourselves these essential questions may help define our own understanding of Spirituality.  Searching for answers from others may help our understanding, but perhaps inside each and every one of us, is our own key.

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