What is Your Psychic Gift?

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Finding Your Truth by Going Within


September 2021

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We meet the psychic in many places, from the local fair to personal appointments. They read your mind, look for future opportunities in your palm, make predictions from a layout of cards that are drawn.

They have near Godly status, seem to hold all the answers and be far and apart from us. However, most have some degree of psychic ability.


It’s simply a matter of tapping into it.

Psychic ability is defined as, “faculties or phenomena that are inexplicable by natural laws” including telepathy or clairvoyance. The individual with this ability picks up information by the senses that will help not only him or herself, but others. Psychic ability and its varieties are many.

The clairaudient hears messages, whether their own or another’s through the mind or what we would term “telepathy”, whereas the clairvoyant sees images or scenes in their field of vision or outside them.

The clairsentient has a different experience all together through feelings that are often dramatic and unexpected, while the claircognizant, reaches a deep sense of knowingness or understanding about a situation. It is interesting that each begins with the prefix of “clair” as clarity is what is reached when one is aware of these abilities and uses them wisely.

You may experience one or more of these.

To learn what your psychic gift is, consider the many benefits water has to offer. Also, what type of psychic ability you may have and how these relate to your specific chart placements.

Water is what we would refer to as a “psychic” element as it acts as a receptor, picking up information and transmitting it. It also has great properties of resiliency and strength. It’s the most adaptable of the elements as it takes shape in various forms from the liquid drink, gaseous state, to solid cube. It’s the only element that can power the others: by nourishing and shifting the earth, stirring the air as itself, dousing fire. Water asks that we move gracefully and mindfully in life.

Determining what your psychic gift is, note which planets are in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), the houses that are ruled by signs in water (the 4th house of Cancer, the 8th house of Scorpio, 12th house of Scorpio), and those planets in houses that are of the water element. Also note the configurations these make.

Your psychic gift imparts resiliency and strength. It will afford you moments of greater clarity, mindfulness and wisdom.




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