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Does Anyone Say to You, “Have a Good Day”?


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Your day will be as good as you want it to be. It’s not the weather or who you see or what happens. It’s entirely up to you and your belief system. What are you willing to allow? What will you accept?

We all say, “I want only the best for myself.” But in reality we’re not open to accepting the best. We can only accept what fits with the deepest unspoken beliefs we hold close to our hearts. Most of the time we’re not aware what those beliefs are. Off the top of our heads we say, “Oh, I’m a nice person.” And in one part of us we are, but we are so much more. We’re angry and we’re frustrated and we hurt and, some days, we wouldn’t mind seeing another lose. If we’re honest, we’ll acknowledge that we can be mean-spirited and brutish and insensitive.

For most of us there is a part of us that hates ourselves. We may hate our vulnerability or our neediness or a perceived lack. We may have decided at some point (for whatever reason) that we weren’t as good as our peers. We forget when and why we made that decision. The wound calcified into a belief and, thus, the hurt is dulled, but our heart is a little more closed. The next year we suffer a disappointment in trying to achieve a dream. And we decide not to try anymore, it’s just too painful. Our heart closes a little more. And after thirty years of frustration and loss and sadness we don’t hope as wildly as we did when we were kids.

There was a time we knew we could do and be whatever we wanted. We were unlimited and confident. And then life happened. And, if we didn’t allow ourselves to feel the little disappointments and the big hurts and to heal naturally, we carry them with us forever. They are buried deeper under new hurts and disappointments and pretty soon we don’t even register disappointment because we no longer hope. Our days aren’t acutely painful but a dull ache remains and we say, “Oh, well, that’s life.”

The truth is we’ve chosen not to be alive because it’s just too much. We’d rather be in control and know what will happen next and not go to those tender spots. We’d rather sacrifice our vitality. We don’t want to feel too much so we are willing to accept less.

So, “Have a good day” translates to “I don’t want any surprises.” And we don’t get any surprises, good or bad. But we’ve lost our magic.

Magic requires that we jump off the edge and dream. What if you could do something you haven’t ever done? What if alone you traveled somewhere you’ve never been? What if you let go of the irritating relationship? What if you faced your fear and said, “I don’t accept limitation”? What if you realized you could have and be much much more? What if you say “Yes” to who you are and truly believe in yourself? What if you were open to anything?

Does that sound exciting and scary? Does the thought of being unlimited take your breath away? Does your soul jump at the prospect? Are you ready for the best for yourself?





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