When Possibility Takes Over

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© djtaylor – Fotolia

Does impossible exist?  Certainly we could have a lifelong philosophical discussion about this topic.  But what if we just look at what we think is impossible in our own lives.  Do we trust we can easily manifest our soul’s desires?  Or do we bump up against the internal voice of doubt?  Do we choose to listen to the persistent fear gremlins or push past our limiting beliefs to create a life of our own design.

A recent opportunity arose for me to test my ability to manifest a dream.  My partner and I looked at a waterfront condo to purchase and fell in love with it.  It was in our price range at $150,000.  Sadly, someone put a contract in a few hours before us.  The same week the condo right above the one we lost out on went on the market for $250,000.  Unlike the other condo this one was completely redone.  We loved it but it was way over our budget.  I had just left my job and didn’t have the income to qualify for a loan.  Buying the condo seemed impossible.

We kept visiting the condo’s open house every weekend.  We started to refer to it as “our condo”.  I realized if I sold a piece of property I owned it would raise the needed funds.  I called a friend who expressed interest in my land and I got a contract to purchase.  I then offered $200,000 on the condo contingent on the sale of my land and it was accepted.  But that is not the end of the story.  The sale of my land fell through.  I could have backed out of the contract on the condo and got my earnest money back.  I chose to keep believing something would happen so we could purchase the condo.

I wrestled with the limiting voices in my head.  I kept practicing the principles from Deepak Chopra’s, The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success.  My intention to buy the condo was unwavering, but I remained mindful not to get attached to the outcome.  I truly believe in the infinite organizing power of the universe about which Deepak speaks.  When we keep our intention clear and keep our attention in the present, the universe conspires to manifest our dreams and we don’t have to worry about the details.

While I was waiting for the universe to handle the details of my condo purchase I called friends to try to borrow money.  Although I was unsuccessful in borrowing the money, the answer which made the sale possible came from a person from whom we attempted to borrow the money.  He told us if you are 59 ½ you can take money from your 401K without penalty.  I called my financial advisor and sure enough it was true.  The universe lined up to get me the information I needed to buy the condo.

We haven’t moved in yet but that stunning, large condo overlooking mangroves with nesting birds is ours.  When I first looked at the condo and heard the price, I felt purchasing it was an impossible task.  There were so many junctures in the buying process where I could have let the voices of doubt grow in my head.  I kept my intention clear and kept trusting the infinite organizing power of the universe.   I felt manifesting this condo was in alignment with my life’s purpose, to have a space for women’s circles, to create art and bask in the beauty of nature.  So happy the universe conspired to make our dreams reality!

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