Where are You on The Fitness Scale?

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Setting your fitness scale one step at a time with Kristen Large

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fotolia © ivanko80

Understanding where we are on this scale of contemplation can help immensely when our desire to change is emerging, especially with the beginning of the New Year. Taking ourselves through these stages can help break through the barriers that arise when motivation starts to dwindle. Visualize yourself at the end of these stages feeling strong and powerful. Work backwards from there. If you keep your energy and thoughts focused on where you will be, your personal mojo will be the one directing your actions.



In this stage, there is no passion or desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. Even if a regime is started, there will almost always be excuses made for why you can’t start, or why you can’t carry on. Self-sabotage is too strong to break through and quitting is the easiest solution. Resistance to this new thought is too strong. “I have no desire to exercise.”


  • The PAIN of not starting must be stronger than staying the same. For example, “If I don’t lose this weight, my heart will give out, and my children will be left without a mother.”
  • Understand that no one else can do this for us.
  • Once we have made the conscious decision to change, then the next stage of CONTEMPLATION is revealed.


The desire to exercising is strong, but if feels extremely overwhelming. Thoughts of past patterning creep in and feelings of failure may take over. BUT, the desire to change is stronger. “I think I should probably exercise, but I need help getting started.”


  • Assure yourself that an exercise plan can be simple
  • Find a goal and write it down
  • Find a workout partner or seek someone who has the tools to help guide you
  • Make the commitment


You believe, you are ready and you are willing to work hard. You are ready to push through your own comfort zone and face some uncomfortable feelings that may arise, and they will!


  • Write down your detailed plan
  • What, When, Where and How are some great questions to ask yourself.
  • Prepare plan B. What are you going to do when “stuff” happens such as, “I don’t feel like exercising.” Find, and then write down ways to snap out of the resistant thought pattern. For example, I put on my workout clothes right away when my motivation is lacking. Performing this action snaps my mojo back into full force. I keep the momentum going by visualizing myself in the gym while feeling the resistance on my muscles as I go through the motions of pushing and pulling the weights. I shift my focus on the end result.


  • I have started exercising but it’s not quite a habit yet
  • I have implemented my tools for motivation on a daily basis. I find ways to keep the momentum going such as the one’s listed below.
  • I keep myself motivated daily by exercising with a partner. I also watch inspiring videos and write about my experiences.
  • I constantly search for music that will fuel my workouts


  • I have been exercising for at least 6 months
  • During this process, I have strengthened my will-power and have been successful at letting go of unhealthy behaviour.
  • I have a daily desire to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • I have a desire to help others and pay it forward
  • I have created a new habit


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