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Part of Fortune, in the natal chart, is one of the Arabic Parts, also known as the Part of the Moon. It is a merging of the Sun, Moon, and ascendant points.  It will show you where you are most fortunate. Also, where you will be wealthy and garner rewards. This is not only the part of luck, the part of self-understanding and can show you your innate gift or talent. There is the fortune which arrives with luck and that which arrives with effort; however, when we reconsider, all fortune arrives with effort from some past deed. Luck is the result of some well-wrought action. The Part of Fortune, then, signifies some earned merit come to fruition. This may not only be of a material nature, spiritual.

With the Part of Fortune, you can gain, not only from deep introspective work which examines the self, through your own professional achievements.  In any reading of this part, we consider the sign with its dispositor, also note whether that sign is in its dignity, exaltation or fall, house – whether angular or not – and any aspects the part is making to planets.

Planets in dignity or exaltation give better results; in fall, you’ve likely experienced the planet’s energies as opposition, from the past, and must now become “grounded.” This might take the form of coming to some understanding of what humility is – and perhaps not for your own doing – otherwise, you must serve others through the sign characteristics. If the sign is in earth, you gain through work, air, ideas, water, emotions, fire, transformation. Also, note whether the sign quadrant is cardinal, fixed or mutable. When cardinal, the part is active in your life.

You will always have some project and opportunities that keep you engaged; fixed, results of an enduring, reliable nature reach you which are not subject to change, when mutable, less reliability, though more activity and exchange through monies, resources, and values, in general. Another important point to consider for interpretation is house placement: whether it be angular, midheaven or nadir. If the part is angular, you can expect outer events and engagements to affect you. Your position in life is more firmly established and you are generally an outgoing person. Fortune, wealth, and rewards come more as a result of involvement with people or through other people. Your reputation, and any subsequent fortune, is intricately tied to some public renown. The midheaven makes this clear as well, while the nadir would suggest gain through inner work and some form of spiritual advancement.

The depositor is the planet ruling the sign on the cusp of the house where the Part of Fortune lies and is situated in. For example, if the sign were Aries, which is ruled by planet Mars, you would look to its location in the chart to learn clues on how it might influence your reading of the Part of Fortune. If in the sign of Aries, situated in the 1st house, its depositor Mars in Virgo, in the 9th you would gain by the physical body, health, mind, to a certain degree, through detailed, organized study and wellness. Fortune would arrive when aligning the mind of your physical body to the mind of higher studies, where learning, philosophy and travel in deep thought propel you forward, actively, and healthily.

Your innate gift or talent in this instance might be through a healing regimen or perhaps you have a keen understanding of your personal state of mind and the behavior of others. Here, you can be directed by your dreams, visions, imagination, thought and intuition. Inspired by the Part of Fortune, the past deed may have taken place in your lifetime, otherwise another. In this example, the deed might be as simple as motivating another or group of people who did not know how to care for themselves or whose learning was disrupted and needed advancement. This past deed also reflects your innate gift and talent.

Wherever the Part of Fortune is located, will give you some important knowledge about yourself, innate gift and talent, or past deed. Its aim is to enrich and expand your life.



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