Will I Have Children?

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Children are accepting, curious, youthful, and visionary. They are explorers who expand our life in many ways and who resonate with wisdom. They are great teachers who can help us learn about who we are and what we need. There are many reasons a person decides to have a child. Whether to carry on the legacy of the family, have someone to nurture, or simply to fulfill a desire for relationship.

Are you interested in whether or not you will have children?  And what they will be like?

These questions can be answered with a view of your natal chart. The 5th house and the planet Sun, is important to this interpretation as well as masculine / feminine planets. The 5th house, ruled by the planet Sun, represents recreation, pleasures, romantic relationships and subsequently, the children you will have and all other children you will meet.

In order to determine whether or not you will have children and what they will be like, you’ll need to note the sign that rules the 5th house and any planets that are situated there.


Aries (Mars)- directive, energy, initiation, motivation

Taurus  (Venus)- arts, beauty, work, law / litigation, money, partnerships

Gemini (Mercury)- communication, education, siblings

Cancer  (Moon)- emotions, home, mother

Leo (Sun)- creativity, children, romance, relationships

Virgo (Mercury)- duties, health, work, servants

Libra (Venus)- balance, justice, law, partnerships, science

Scorpio  (Mars)-  business, healing, research

Sagittarius (Jupiter)-  adventure, sports, philosophy, teaching

Capricorn  (Saturn)- government, work, traditions, public

Aquarius (Saturn / Uranus)- friends, networking, technology

Pisces (Jupiter)- karma, service, spirituality

The feminine planets are the Moon, Venus, and Neptune, the masculine Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. Mercury and Uranus are said to be unisex. Certain aspects, also, in the chart make the possibility of having a child more likely than not.  If you have configurations between the feminine planets such as Moon, Venus and Neptune, you are more likely to have children. Aspects between the masculine planets such as Sun and Mars make it more difficult.

If you have Aries on the cusp of the 5th house or Mars situated there, you will likely have a boy or a child with boyish energy and traits.  As for their appearance, children with this sign on the cusp are likely to have freckles, reddish hair and heavier set bodies. Parents need to take care that their child tends to their head as Mars rules this part of the body. Metaphorically, they can have a problem with balancing their head vs. heart. They may get too involved with their head and lose out on the emotion in their experience. It’s important that they connect with the emotion in any idea, not just an idea itself. They are also more prone to inflammatory conditions and fevers. Keeping hydrated and learning to not take on too much is important for the child that rules this house.

They also need a lot of activity particularly during early childhood, especially physical activity outdoors.

Children on this sign of the cusp, will be very self-directed and motivated. They can work in the healthcare field as EMT’s (or in any other “emergency” type setting), military, counseling as the Martian energy is also a healing energy and even as motivational coaches. They can transfer and transform energy that is blocked and “ground” it elsewhere.

To get a further reading of what your child will be like, note where Mars, ruler of the sign of Aries, is placed or the aspects that planet Mars makes. The sign that Mars is in and the aspects that the planet makes will give you a greater understanding of what you could plant for – and expect – with regards to their life.

Insights and joy. Children give us this. Learning what they will be like through the 5th house and Sun, which radiates positivity and warmth, brings us closer to fulfilling, meaningful life.





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