You are Never Far from the Light

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You Are Never Far From the Light. It’s As Close As Your Breath

fotolia © djoronimo

fotolia © djoronimo

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply to every day of our lives. For this issue, Archangel Gabriel is reminding us that our connection to the Divine is always available to us when we breathe more consciously.

You Are Never Far From the Light. It’s As Close As Your Breath

Have you ever started to feel anxious and confused, and then noticed that you were not breathing?

Obviously our breath is a key to staying alive, but it also offers us an avenue for alignment. The yogis say that the Infinite Intelligence lives between our in-breath and out-breath.

Our breath is a powerful tool for becoming more calm, settling our mind and creating an alignment within us to our Divine Source. Often, the confusion and anxious feelings we are experiencing are because we have separated from our need to breathe more deeply. The body can literally begin to believe it will not get enough oxygen to survive, which causes the anxious sensations. This is also a demonstration that we are out of present time, because in the future or past we forget to breathe.

It has become essential to my Well-being to sit in the Light of God’s Presence every day. For varying reasons, some days this is easier than others. The essential key that makes the difference between feeling suffused with Golden Light or ruminating over my life situation is my breath.

The full message from Archangel Gabriel below speaks about a Balanced Breath. This is simply breathing in for the same number of counts that you breathe out. It is a very basic tool for coming back into balance with yourself. This breath exercise is so simple you can do it in traffic or in line at the post office. It will help you feel much more centered and at ease. The Balanced Breath exercise is very common and well known all over the world. Using this simple exercise will surprise you in its efficacy.

In this simple equation, when you breathe conscious, slow deep breaths, the more you raise your vibrational frequency. The more you raise your frequencies, the more Divine Light you are able to experience.

Breathing in God’s Light and Wisdom every day is an essential practice for my Well-being. I know that it fulfills my purpose as a Light-bearer as well, because Divine Light is anchored through me into the Earth, and this radiates into the world.

Divine Light becomes our link to higher dimensional realms when we can remember that God is with us always, as close as our next conscious breath.


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