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The Importance of Having a Marketing Strategy on Facebook and Google

Welcome to a new addition to our Conscious Shift Community.  I would like to introduce you to Mathew Pearson, a Conscious and amazing digital Shifter.  We are proud to welcome Mathew aka The MooVin Man and his valuable input. Enjoy surfing with The MooVin Man!

In my day job as an Integrated Digital Specialist (fancy title always means less pay) for a media company, I speak to people every day about their “digital presence” — the space they occupy online. Everything you contribute to the Internet is recorded and saved, so the more relevant information you can share to the Internet, the greater likelihood users can find your website or blog.

In other words, have your online efforts left a digital footprint? Are new customers and clients able to follow a trail you have created? Do you have links back to your website or Facebook page? Do you have a presence on the websites that your customers visit every day? Have you created backlinks that users can click on for more info?  The Internet is an infinite universe and the competition for the goods and services you sell or promote is fierce. Fierce!

Attracting and Keeping Attention is a Key Element in Driving New Business and Growing Revenue

A recent study* revealed that an average Facebook user checks their status, reads articles and views videos in their news feed 8 times/day. An average of 35 minutes on the site every day! Have you ever checked your employee’s posts during the day? LOL…Admit it!! Of course, you have!  They are keeping up with their friends and adding their opinion all day long! So, a smart marketing strategy might include targeting your potential customers by zip code or matching relevant online behavior and running a specific message in their Facebook news feed.

In addition, 3 out of every 4 searches on the Internet occur on Google.** So, while Yahoo and Bing still exist, 75% of the search action is going on at Google.  And, people reference both ‘paid’ and ‘free’ search results. They are a little different. The sponsored ads, also referred to as Pay Per Click, appear near the top of a results page and the organic (free) search results can be improved by “optimizing”.  It is important to have both, because people click on both and sometimes one, but not the other. Confusing? Ha Ha, yes, it can be.

When you optimize, key words and phrases are included in your post to help it be found easily by people who have an interest in your products or service. Of course, this includes hobbies and other pursuits (your passions), as well.  For people to find what you put online, it is important to make it discoverable.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are a critical part of an online marketing strategy.

SEM is also referred to as Pay Per Click. Your text ad appears at the top of a Google search results page and, as users click on your ad, Google charges the advertiser an agreed upon amount for each click. This type of advertising is an effective method of ensuring that your link appears among relevant search results. These posts usually have a designation with the words, “sponsored”.

SEO refers to the “organic” or, free listings, on a Google search results page. Google has algorithms that are a well-kept secret to keep search results fair for all parties, but there are lots of things you can do to improve your SEO search results and help improve your page position. Adding content, blogs and links are just a few of the techniques that can quickly move your website from a lower page position closer to the coveted Page 1.

But, wait…don’t forget about mobile. In fact, over 60% of searches now occur on mobile devices (smart phones), so having a mobile strategy is the best way to reach your customers. Reaching customers on their phone is arguably the important strategy to consider. The enormous number of people who use their phones and apps for countless activities is staggering and the cell phone just might be the greatest distribution tool we have seen so far.

Continuing to add new information and helpful tips to your social media and website will help improve your digital presence. In addition, it is a smart investment of your time and energy.

Thank you for reading!

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