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Who Wrote Your Story About Money?

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Was it you? Was it your parents? What beliefs have you established regarding financial security and abundance?

When we were young, our parents told us many different stories regarding money. These stories then turned into beliefs which still generate emotional reactions in our everyday lives. If you have adopted the belief that money is hard to come by and must be fought for there is a very high probability that the stories you were taught about money reflected those very same ideas. If you were taught that money comes easily and should not cause concern, you are likely experiencing an influx of financial abundance through no strenuous effort on your part.

If you want to change your belief about money (and therefore your experience manifesting it), you must first determine what your conscious and subconscious stories about money are.

Subconscious Beliefs 

These are the beliefs about money that we hold for seemingly no apparent reason. They are the outcomes we have come to assume are inevitable through no experience of our own. Common examples of subconscious money beliefs are:

  • You must work hard in order to earn money
  • Money is power
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money creates corruption
  • It is not okay to want money
  • You need money to survive

In reading over these, it is highly likely that you hold several of them to be true. Do you notice any contradictions that might make your relationship with money difficult to navigate? How do we come about adopting these beliefs?

Most of us have heard phrases such as “money does not grow on trees” or “you have to learn the hard way”. These phrases are a huge part of what shaped our subconscious stories about financial abundance. When you are habitually taught by


your parents that money is scarce and hard to come by you latch on to the emotional energy behind those beliefs and adopt them as your own without even realizing it.

The predominant emotional energy behind a money story rooted in lack is fear. Parents who stress the importance of hard workin order to attain money do so out of fear that the child will grow up to be incapable of financially supporting themselves. Their focus is placed on preventing an unwanted outcome rather than promoting a desired one. Their fear is then transferred over to us as children where it stays to create more of the same fear based energy within our financial manifestations.

Conscious Beliefs 

These are the stories that we are actively telling ourselves today. They can be influenced by our subconscious beliefs; however, we possess full control over altering them at any moment. Conscious beliefs live in the here and now; they are a huge player in anything you are currently manifesting. They are personal to you and your experiences. Examples of conscious beliefs are:

  • I do not deserve money
  • I am not working hard enough
  • I failed last time I tried, so why bother

Once we identify our conscious and subconscious beliefs about money, how do we change them?

Recognizing where these beliefs originate from is a very important first step. If you do not know where you picked up your beliefs you cannot begin to work on healing the emotionally vulnerable aspect of yourself associated with it. I always recommend that people start their healing journey as a silent (and judgment-free) observer. Begin to consciously choose to make yourself aware of your stories about money. Ask the universe to send you signs about what specific stories no longer serve you and need to be released.

Once you have identified which stories need to be worked on, begin to gently guide your thoughts in the direction of your desired vibration. My trick is whenever I have a false money story pop up, I remind myself that it is not my thought. I then replace the thought with the energy of unconditional love and support. Sometimes I even imagine myself giving the emotionally hurt aspect of me a giant bear hug! Once you realize your stories about money are not your own, it becomes infinitely easier to begin to rewrite them consciously for yourself.






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