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September 2015 The Bagua Map (c)WSFS 2012Feng Shui helps you arrange your environment to enhance your life, and the most results-producing tool in Feng Shui is the Bagua Map. The Bagua Map (“Ba” meaning eight and “gua” meaning area) correlates the structure of your home with happiness, health, love, prosperity, and your life’s purpose. In Feng Shui, our life’s purpose or “Career” is associated with the energy of deep water, and the emotion of courage. Although it’s called “Career” it is not our “9-5;” instead, it’s about our inner essence that manifests in a particular professional way.

People often find connections between their home spaces and their ongoing problems. One couple found that the Wealth and Prosperity area of their home was located in a bathroom with leaky plumbing, symbolic of the continual leaking away of their savings account. A single woman discovered that her Love and Relationship area was located on a porch full of empty pots and dead plants; symbols of her empty, dead love life. Look for metaphors and symbols in your Career gua. Remove or replace as necessary!

Finding Your Career Area

The Bagua Map can be applied to any building or room. These instructions are for mapping your home, and once you understand the basics, you can map any structure. You will need a bird’s‑eye drawing of your home, such as a blueprint or footprint sketch. Determine the overall shape of September 2015 Bagua Mapyour home by including all parts that are attached to it—such as garages, porches, room additions, arbors, storage huts, and decks with railings.

Lay your blueprint or drawing so that the front entrance of your home is at the bottom of the page. Now, draw a rectangle around your home just big enough to include every part of the structure. This is the outline of your Bagua Map. Divide the outline into nine even sections, like a tic‑tac‑toe board. Your Career area is the bottom middle area.

When your home is a simple rectangle, you will find that all of the guas are located inside the structure of your house. If your home is any other shape, such as an L, S, T, or U, you’ll find areas located within the rectangular outline of the Map, but outside the structure of your house. Whether indoors or outdoors, it’s important to identify all areas.

Enhance the Career area of your home when you:

  • are seeking your purpose in life
  • want to make a change in your current job or career
  • want to volunteer or do meaningful community service work
  • are moving from one vocation to another
  • want to be more courageous

Enhancements related to Career:

  • Water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and aquariums
  • Artwork or photos depicting bodies of water, such as pools, streams, lakes, or the ocean
  • Any artwork, image or object that personally symbolizes your career, such as books on your subject of expertise, or items with your company name
  • Items that are free-form, flowing, or asymmetrically shaped
  • Mirrors, crystals, and glass items
  • Items in black or very dark tones
  • Quotes, sayings, and affirmations related to courage and following your path in life

Ultimately, the Bagua Map leads you to the discovery that all parts of your home and your life are of equal importance. Every area needs to be well maintained, clutter-free, and arranged for your current needs. Embrace the Bagua Map and obstacles fall away, powerful changes occur, and blessings manifest.


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