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August 2021

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Houses in astrology represent different developmental periods from birth, old age, and death. They each speak to a certain area of life that needs growth whether it is the physical body, education, health, or partnerships. The 4th house in astrology is concerned with life/death beliefs, the home, mother or mothering instincts; though more importantly, where we feel most comfortable and build a spiritual foundation.

As we know, the Moon has authority over the waters as it controls the ebb and flow of the tides. This harkens back to Mother Earth itself and the shouldering of the land in a defensive, protective way. This correctly describes the sign of Cancer with its mothering characteristics. The sign of Cancer, which has the Moon presiding over it, casts a light on our emotional patterns, which move as the crests of waves upon the water, and points to where we can reach some fuller understanding of them in time. We learn about all manner of caretaking as it relates to life/death or spiritual beliefs, home tending, familial ties and reciprocity through this sign and Moon’s hand. The number four is important to this understanding as well.

Four is associated with building and foundations: consider the home which is constructed by four corners and upheld by a structure.

Referencing your ruling sign, according to your own personal natal chart, will inform you of where you feel most comfortable and can build a spiritual foundation. A view of the Moon’s placement and any other planets, will further your knowledge. Aspects are important to interpretation also.

For example: If you have Pisces on the cusp of the 4th house, the world of dreams, imagination, intuition, service and serving, are where you feel most comfortable and can build a spiritual foundation. Exploring these subjects through books, journaling, art, musing, visualization, volunteering, organizational work, and other pursuits will benefit you. Neptune and Jupiter, which rule the sign of Pisces, further our understanding. Referring to the planetary ruler position, in this case Jupiter in the 1st  house, Neptune in the 10th, we can see the themes of self-image and profession, helping the individual along to reach their place of comfort and build a spiritual foundation.

In astrology, the 4th house is referred to as the descendent and acts as a reservoir for all the other planets’ energies in your chart. It also stands on its own. These planetary energies are viewed and experienced through the lens of the 4th house. As such, it is not necessarily at the “nadir” or end, making it possible for us to consider all perspectives on life. Like the attachment or object in meditation, it gives you a focus. It’s a centering agent or tool that you use not only to bring peace to yourself, but creativity, and creative opportunities. In addition, it helps us build a spiritual life that connects you to thought, experience and human relationships.

Consider, then, how this house will help you determine where you feel most comfortable and will build a spiritual foundation. When you do, we can say that you’ve truly reached your soul’s mission.




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