Your Voice Matters

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Speaking Your Truth

PERHAPS NOW more than ever Martin Luther King, Jr’s words seem very prophetic. There is no doubt that “who” you are matters but, more so, what you “do” with who you are matters more. Remaining silent in the presence of wrong-doing is the same as condoning wrong-doing. How might your voice be heard in the world today in a manner that makes it a better place—a safer place—for future generations of people who represent every nationality, gender, creed, and color—including your own?

We don’t have to look too far to find a place to begin. It can require great courage to speak up when we witness the inequities of senseless biased, bigoted, cruel and crude, ego-driven behavior being played out in front of our own eyes. There are—and always have been—bullies everywhere who thrive in our silence, our need to be invisible; our need to fit in and not rock the boat. We’ll certainly find them in politics and the events unfolding around the world—but equally so, we’ll see them in our workplace, neighborhood and, perhaps, in our own home. MLK knew this. I know it; we all know it. He inspires me to be a light in the darkness—I hope he does the same for you. THAT is how much you and your voice matter.





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